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Convert back to petrol (from LPG) or buy a new one?

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  • Convert back to petrol (from LPG) or buy a new one?

    I have a 2002 95 Series VX Prado. 340,000km. It is well maintained and I’ve owned it since new. Have replaced most bits over the period except the engine and the starter motor, so it is reliable. It is a dual petrol+LPG. Great in the city, but not so good for touring. So much to love about this vehicle.
    I have the opportunity to buy a new 2020 GLX Prado (about $75k), or I was wondering if I converted the current vehicle back to petrol and did some upgrades, say spend $10k.
    I’m not fussed about switching to diesel in anew vehicle, but that’s ok. Also, the 3rd row seats in the new Prado annoy me. I expect I’ll get used to it. I’ve done comparisons with other 4WD and while Toyota are behind in many ways the Prado still has many advantages.
    So, the car I love tarted up or a new one? I’m tending towards a new one.
    I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on which way to go?

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    I'd be moving on a new one. You should be able to get one cheaper than 75k as well.


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      I’d go a new one. After you’ve been driving the new one for a week you won’t miss your old one anymore.
      2005 120 series V6 Grande, 2 inch susp lift (King/EFS combo), 32 inch MT’s, Safari Snorkel, rear diff lock, breathers, Light Force spotlights, UHF, dual batteries.


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        Someone's gotta stick up for the 90 series! But the new one would be much more up to date and hey even if you hate it later on down the track they hold their value for a long time. Plus I am sure it'll be like going into a spaceship compared to the 1980s grade comfort of the 90!


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          At 340,000km, the 90 series is getting on a bit. Probably not worth the investment of removing the LPG stuff. Can't you just drive it on petrol?

          The 3rd row seats weren't much of a problem for me. I removed mine (2017 GX), wrapped them in builder's plastic and put them in the shed until it's time to replace the vehicle. Probably saved 50kg, and freed up space for storage and it took less than an hour. Might be a bit trickier if the GLX seats are motorised.
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            Thought I'd wrap up this thread. I sold the old Prado and bought a 2021 model. Still annoyed by some Toyota design decisions, but overall the new car is much better, safer and more capable.
            I got a nudge bar thinking I'd add driving lights, but lights interfere with the radar under the front Toyota badge in the grill, so I'm persevering with the factory headlights which are pretty good anyway.
            I've also removed the third row of seats and put in a floor. This is much more functional for me.
            Waiting for the 2021 model was worth it to get Apple CarPlay. I'm a fan of the adaptive cruise control.
            Thanks for the responses everyone.


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              RussellG surprised the lights interfered with the radar cruise control.

              Myself and many others run driving lights on bullbars without issue.
              '18 VX, Billies with Dobinson springs, Summit bar with Narva Enhanced Optics to help my old eyes


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