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Prado feels very floaty

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  • Prado feels very floaty

    Hey guys, first lost for me
    I have a 2000 Prado petrol VZJ95R, I have replaced all 4 shocks (still the same springs), new tie rod ends, new upper and lower ball joints, new lower control arm bushes, new sway bar links and bushes. But the car still feels very floaty, especially at higher speeds.

    do you guys have any ideas where to go next to try and fix this?


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    Different shocks. Ones with higher damping rates. Or reduce the height if too much lift.
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      Mine feels a bit floaty but I think that's normal for this kind of vehicle. Have you gone in any other 90 series and seen how they feel?


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        Have you tried wheel allignment yet? I have replaced upper and lower ball joints and it was floating a bit and at the end it was the allignment


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          Tyre pressure, should be about 38 psi


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            Very important questions, how long have you owned the Prado & is it your first 4wd since owning a sedan, hatch back, soft roader? It’s a 4wd with rear live axle, they’re all floaty..... Especially if up to 2 inch lifted. Should see how floaty the 90 is at 140kmh.
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              I came from a IFS/IRS sedan background and it feels a million times more tighter and planted than the Prado. But might be good if you can find another 90 or 120 to compare to. Plus definately agree about tyre pressures, IIRC the placard says 28psi or similar but for on road use I use 40psi.


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