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  • Seat belt replacement

    Hi all out there hope i am posting this in the right place,
    We have a 97 toyota prado grande, i have been trying to find out the following.
    1. What size seat belt fitting is it so as i can get seat belt extenders to fit (kids moving up to booster seats)
    2. a couple seat belts are not retracting fully so have been trying to source new ones and all so how to change them over.
    Toyota them self couldn't tell me if they were gas charged, attached to air bags or just straight forward to change over? And no they dont appear to be able to do them iether!

    Can anyone help me with 1. where can i purchase after market seat belts for this model ($700 for genuine toyota frond, and $44o for each back is just rude!
    2. Instructions or somewhere to find instructions on actaully how to change them safely or if they even can be changed (other 1/2 is very good at this sort of stuff) but wasnt sure if he was going to trigger air bags of or what and unfortunatly we have been asking around here and no one seems to have clear answer's any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    The 3rd row rear ones in my 97 were just normal inertia type ones, got a replacement from a Toyota wreaker in Brisbane for 145 bucks if I remember correctly. Sorry I ‘m not exactly sure of the name, got the number from the yellow pages in the wreakers section.
    Might have been this mob.
    Also try
    Both in Brisbane.
    Could try
    in Melbourne.

    Hope that helps.


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      Not sure where you are, but try this mob, they ship to the eastern states. $125 to reweb an inertia belt. Just have to be careful removing them, cause I think they have a small charge in the pretensioner.


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        If you are worried about air bags etc, disconnect the battery and wait 10 minutes or so., this lets the capacitors drain down.
        Not sure about any charges in the pre tensioner, but you could ask Mr T or the mob from the link Rainman supplied.


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          Originally posted by Rainman View Post
          Just have to be careful removing them, cause I think they have a small charge in the pretensioner.
          I think from memory you have to insert a pin in a hole. Full details are in the gregorys manual. You should be able to borrow one from the local library. Ken.
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