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  • 2JZGTE Prado

    So, I put a 2JZGTE in my 1998 GLX VZJ95 Prado

    Just got to start it up after nearly 8 months in the build, thought some of you guys might be interested in having a look
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    That looks awesome mate!


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      Thanks! Looking forward to driving it soon

      Click image for larger version

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        What gearbox have you gone with?


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          So I'm sitting here lookng at those pictures asking myself why the hell you'd something like that. Having owned some Supras in the past I'm very familiar with the motor and is not one I'd drop in a Prado!

          But hey! It's not my car and you obviously have reasons for it and it looks like you've done a great job. Are those solid engine mounts?

          Love to hear back from you after some driving. Be interesting to see how that motor performs in off road situations considering it's power curve and torque curve. What turbo is that on there? Also interested to hear how the drivetrain holds out as they aren't known for taking a lot of power at higher rpms. Lots of torque down low they seem fine with but as the input speed ramps up with a lot of grunt still... they get a bit shaky in the diffs.

          As I said, keen to here how it goes and how you overcome any hurdles so far experienced and hurdles yet to come.


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            Standard R150 5 speed with a Dellows Conversions bell housing. They have done a few Hilux conversions so I figured it would fit the Prado and it did.

            Drove it today for the first time, pretty laggy with the big Borg Warner but comes on boost like a light switch


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              Just saw your post RanJ. It's a S363 Borg Warner turbo. I wanted a reliable 4x4 mainly for daily driving beach work etc. I've had lots of experience with 2JZ motors too and thought it would be fun! Its just as grunty as the 5VZ off boost so pretty happy with it, will be much better with a good tune. Custom engine brackets but uses standard Prado engine mounts. Needs to be comfortable to drive!

              The drivetrain should be ok for now. Front diff and shafts probably won't last long but I have spares


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                Look forward to hearing some real world experience about it mate! Keep us posted!

                Edit: I tell you one thing that'll get me everytime though... is to pull up beside this and hear the 2JZ puttering away. As I'm sure you're aware, it's an unmistakable note!


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                  Thanks mate, looking forward to driving it more once i have the radiator fans and exhaust sorted.

                  More photos to come


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                    Any updates? pics please. especially those of the exhaust and the radiator/fan