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Engine conversion for lc 90

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  • Engine conversion for lc 90

    I have 97 lc 90 wagon...currently stock with the 5vz-fe 3.4 and fulltime awd......the engine is slowly coming toward the end if its life.....i.e on long hauls it leaves black carbon on the back door....and is loosing power on up hill runs....its due for water pump and starter has a oil leak possibly from left tappet gasket...and has just started using oil....the other thing is we have just purchased a new caravan and it is lacking in the towing department.....

    so my question is what is the best v8 conversion to suit the stock running gear...with out chewing up CVS and diffs and tansfer....but give me that little more towing also sits on 2 inch tough dog suspension and 33s.....i dont want a horse power monster...i just want a tough reliable towing and beach going wagon

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    Perhaps an engine rebuild from a recommended mechanic and throw a supercharger on top. Would be my pick of options.
    Too many hurdles to cross for the money spent. I went through a V8 compliance in an 82 model Hilux years ago and was enough for me never to do again.
    I got it through but what a painfulllll experience. Jim.


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      The R150 manual gearbox from these cars are tough. Not to sure on the auto..
      I run the R154 in my toyota soarer and have heard of people running the R150 as a cheaper alternative and while 1st gear in a sedan isn't much(shorter gearing) they certainly can take some punishment. these can be easily mated to a 1UZ toyota V8 found in the soarer and lexus LS400.
      the 2 and 3UZ are found in later land cruisers but are VVTI. the 1UZ is a bloody strong engine with quad cam and 6 bolt mains and can handle some serious power(turbo/supercharged) without even being opened up.
      Toyota were pretty clever putting same engine and gearbox combos in several cars(not just the V8).. if you can source the right bits there is actually minimal custom mods to make it all work/fit but like Jim said it can be a painful process. I'm on my 4th conversion and they don't get easier lol


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