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  • AC Digital Controller

    Hi! My 2000 Prado has manual AC controller. Can I just change it with a digital controller? Like This one or what any other mods I have to do?

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    Not real sure but Id be guessing the various air flow vents / gates on yours are opened and closed by a cable and lever set up and the electronic ones are opened by some kind of actuator or servo tyre set up? Probably buying yourself a world of hassle having to get in behind the dash for the air flow gates. Fan speed probably not to difficult to work out and change over, but who knows nothing ventured nothing gained...
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    2018 VX Prado


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      Late to the party but heres my reply anyway lol

      Pradosaur has nailed it, not only do you need to change the heater controls but also the heater core and a lot of modification to the interior wiring harness also.