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Lower control arm/ball joint failure

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  • Lower control arm/ball joint failure

    Had this happen while down at Bremer Bay between Christmas and New Year. I was driving down a gently sloping sandy track and then BANG (gps says I was doing 10kph at the time). Got out to find diff oil running down the track and the front passenger wheel pushed right up into the wheel arch and the CV pulled out of the diff. If you look carefully you can see the four bolts securing the lower control arm to the lower ball joint have all snapped (it look me a while to actually see what had happened).

    After thinking this was the end and then a bit of head scratching, we set about putting things back together. Fortunately the circlip was still in position on the CV shaft so after a clean up the CV was shoved back into place and then four bolts of similar size were found to replace the ones that snapped and I was back on the road.

    I suspect the initial damage stemmed back to Easter when I was travelling west of the Helena and Aurora Ranges with my brother in law. I hit a deep washout at speed and the vehicle was almost stopped dead in its tracks. Fortunately it never failed while I was on the black top, I dont think I would be here to tell the tale. The vehicle is currently in for repairs.

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    Very lucky indeed.

    Have seen many bad failures on them, but usually the joint itself.

    Regards, Jay.
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      I've ordered & just received Three 5 (555) lower ball joints for $60 a piece. Just recently my tyres have been screeching lightly at times while driving, applying the brakes or accelerating off the lights. My tyres were doing the exact same thing prior to replacing the worn tie rods and rack ends. I had a wheel alignment done the next day. I look forward to replacing the lower ball joints this coming weekend. When I pulled off the tie rods and rack ends, the ball joints in those were totally shagged, so I'm 99% certain my lower ball joints are in a similar condition right now.
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