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VZJ95R Passenger Side Sway Bar D-Bush bracket removal

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  • VZJ95R Passenger Side Sway Bar D-Bush bracket removal

    Hey Guys,

    I've got to replace the steering rack bushings and sway bar link bushings on my 3.4L petrol 95 for a road worthy. From all accounts its a tricky but not impossible job for a DIYer.

    While I'm there I'd read that you may as well replace the sway bar D bushings as well as you have to remove the sway bar to replace the power steering rack bushings.

    I've read a few posts on Prado Point about it and mostly, regarding the sway bar removal that its "a 10 minute job" or "simple, but left hand bracked is a little tricky because its tight".

    I found it to be practically impossible to get any mechanical advantage on the passenger's side nut that sits on the forward side of the bar. Its the captive bolt with a nut accessed from above.

    I tried both 1/2", 3/8" drivers with differing extensions (125mm for the 1/2, 75mm for the 3/8) and always wound up in an arguement with the left hand exhaust pipe section.

    You can see from the photo that the mount is almost up against the exhaust pipe and on the other side you quickly run into space issues as well.

    Has anyone who's done this, able to provide any insight on the tools, the angles and anything else you can think of to help me figure this out?

    Appreciate it fellas.
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    For anyone who comes accross this in the future in need of some help, the answer in the end was a short handled 1/4" driver, a lot of penetrating oil and heaps of force...

    Just make sure your car is up on jack stands and is nice an solid.

    oh yeh, plenty of swearing helps too


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      Late to the party but maybe it helps someone else... I used a gear/ratchet spanned on mine.


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