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Lower ball joint

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  • Lower ball joint

    Hi ,
    I'm a new owner of Prado 90 2001 diesel.
    After the last weekend, my steering start to be stiffer and doesn't come back to the center.
    I was reading that the lower ball joint can cause this and order from AutoDoc 2pc of Ridex lower ball joint replacement.

    Now I start to investigate the ball joint failure and get information that only the original part is safe.
    All the other replacements parts are not comper to the OEM.

    My questions are:
    1. does anybody try the Ridex ball joint replacement, and can tell me his opinion.
    2. There is an aftermarket ball joint that is more reliable and strong then the OEM part?

    Just to make clear, I checked the ball joint and I made sure that he needs to be replaced.


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    If your steering is stiff, not returning to centre, don't drive it.
    That's the last straw for these joints which can drop the suspension at the first tight turn, reversing from driveway etc.
    I tried 555 brand, recommended by local suspension shop, they didn't last at all.
    Went for genuine and they were fine.
    This is not a fit and forget item, they must be checked frequently. Every oil change is the usual.
    If you join the Mighty 90's Facebook page you can keep up with LBJ failures and options.
    There's still nothing available with better life than Toyota brand which can be purchased from Glen at excellent prices. No need to buy cheap.


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      Thanks for your answer, I really appreciate it.
      I'm from Israel, do you know how can send this item internationally?
      Also, what is the price in the USA ? in Israel we will need to pay 200$ for one side.



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        I'm in Aus. You might try Amayama, use the UAE option.


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