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Aftermarket front Upper and Lower control arms + lower ball joints

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  • Aftermarket front Upper and Lower control arms + lower ball joints

    Hi guys, fairly new to the page, a lot of great info on here.
    I have a 1999 Snowy.
    I was curious if anyone has bought aftermarket upper and lower control arms? And if so where to buy them from.
    I've done a fair bit of searching and the only place that seems to make them is a few joints in the USA.
    My problem on my 90 is the upper ball joints are very badly worn and split, and the lower ball joints don't look in much better shape.
    I'm getting a little vibration in steering occasionally, especially when braking and also it pulls to the left or right sometimes when braking hard.
    After talking to my usual mechanic I've decided to go with all new bits.
    So I'm pretty keen on getting some nice Aftermarket control arms if they are around, along with some good urethane bushes.
    I've heard a lot of bad stories about the lower ball joints letting go and causing a big headache, and I think new arms and bushes and new joints will fix a lot of these little issues that have recently started.
    Any help would be appreciated thanks guys.
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