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Spring advice to level suspension

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  • Spring advice to level suspension

    Hello, I have a VZJ95 that I imported to Canada several years ago. At the start of the Covid lockdown I ordered parts to refresh my suspension, and at the time the most readily available springs were some cheap Moog springs for a 3rd gen 4runner. I purchased the springs along with some Bilstein 4600's thinking if I didn't like my springs I could switch them out. I don't like them. The front end rides OK, though the springs lifted it enough to immediately destroy the inner CV boot on both sides (they were possibly original, so not entirely surprising). The rear end is a mess, it's sitting too low and it rides very harsh. This has given my vehicle a terrible looking stance (slightly exasperated in the picture below by the roof top tent). Can anyone recommend some quality springs to go with my Bilstein 4600's which will give me stock ride height (or nearly stock), and a compliant ride carrying minimal load? I rarely tow, and have no intention to get a bull bar or a winch. Thank you!

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    I ended up ordering a set of Old Man Emu 2890 rear springs. I understand it will provide 1.5 to 2 inches of lift over stock, and that's not necessarily ideal for Bilstein 4600's, but we'll see how it goes. I'll try to respond to this thread with an after pic once they're installed for anyone who's interested.


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