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  • Strut spacers

    Just want to get people's opinions on the strut top spacers the car is completely stock and looking for a little bit more hight and have seen the 60mm 2' strut spacers but wanting to know good idea or ver bad anything else need changing if I was to go ahead and get a set put in don't have the money for a full on lift kit (the price you pay for having kids lol)

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    Can you afford to not be insured if you have an accident (Or worse kill or injure another party?). Strut spacers void roadworthy and insurance in Aust. Also a great way to destroy your shocks. Only thing that needs changing is the thought of actually using them. Terrible item, terrible idea.


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      Oh I didn't realise there that bad I don't take it crazy off roading but I was wanting the higher look


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        Just get raised King Springs (40mm from memory) with shocks to suit (KYB Skorched 4s used to do a matched pack, I spoke to the engineer at KYB Aus when I sourced mine, he used his own 95 as the test bed so I was happy with that ) and I added 235/85LT16s on 7" GXL rims. You will get the look and stay "legal" without flares. I have got it through 2 states' roadworthys without drama ( ie standard Landcruiser rims and tyres - arguably!)


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