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Collapse of lower ball-joints 90 series

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  • Collapse of lower ball-joints 90 series

    Has anyone suffered collapse of after-market ball-joints. In particular, ball-joints marketed as “Pedders ball-joint”. Appreciate feedback on that brand or others, concerning after-market quality, personal experience or knowledge of others, and public safety.

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    Anyone with a 90 must be aware of the design fault in that the ball hangs from the joint, rather than seating in it.
    I used 555 brand once, we’re out of spec (0.5mm max) in about 5000k. They don’t like corrugations.
    Then I went to Toyota brand, no more wear. Did the Gibb, Bungles, Kalumburu and so on, we’re still in spec when I sold her.
    Not only do the balls fail, so do the 4-set screws which hold the whole show to the strut.
    I used Unbrakos instead of the stretchy standard things.
    Also the dust boot is another trap. It has steel ferrules which two of the retaining set screws use. The ferrules are soft and collapse leaving those two set screws loose. So she’s hanging by only 2-set screws.
    These days there’s dozens of elcheapo brands to use, all from China.
    Genuine is not much more expensive when you buy from Glen on the Mighty 90’s FB site.
    I never had a fail/collapse as I was aware of the problem. Many new owners have no idea.


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      My front passenger side failed when the four bolts gave way on a remote beach track east of Bremer Bay in December 2016. Fortunately I was only doing about 10kms per hour but the wheel arch still managed to sustain damage and the CV shaft was pulled all the way out, but we were able to push it back in and lock it in place. I then scavenged two bolts from elsewhere on the vehicle and was able to drive out.

      Earlier in April 2016 I hit a washout at about 80kms an hour that stopped me dead in my tracks and that's what I blame for the failure (apart from age). I paid around $130 each for genuine replacements of Amayama.


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        Certainly well aware of joint collapse for the 90. I’m looking for evidence of fitment by suspension service firms of cheap Asia (China) joints.
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          As you only show 2-posts, I thought you might be unaware of the potential problem.
          My local front end shop recommended those 555’s when I first bought my 90.
          Compared to retail price from Toyota, they were way cheaper as are most of the offerings available today.
          But not much of a bargain when they’re out of spec so quickly.
          However other owners have had a good run from 555’s.
          I didn’t.


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            Check out this video


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              This puller will do the rod ends as well as the ball joint.
              About $35 from Supercheap etc.


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