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    Hi All,
    I'm looking at getting some new mud tyres for my prado. Currently I'm running 245/70/R16 ATs but I want something with a bit more height! I've got a 3 inch lift so I have a fair bit of spare space to fill with rubber. I'm looking at 235/85R16 or 245/75R16 and wanted to no if anyone is running any of these sizes and how they went. I'm leaning towards the 235/85/R16 as they will have more height I don't mind loosing a little width but not ideal. Can anyone recommend any sizes?

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    amts put this together a while ago

    And if SA still runs these old rules you don't have a lot of legal options. The wheels are probably too narrow to run 265/70 which are a common size. Check the regs and then use

    to see the size difference.

    By the way does the tyre placard list 265/70 16 as an option?

    Having said all that running 32s or 33s (maybe even 35s) with that setup will look fine and not stand out but probably not legal which can have ramifications with insurance and Mr Plod.
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      I am running LT235/85R16 Geolanders on GXL 6.5" STD rims. These Juuuust fit inside RV guards if you don't look too hard, went through roadworthy without question. Be aware that your gearing changes by (IIRC) 4-6%, which with the diesel was ideal for me for towing 2T van as it gives me about 2300rpm at 90+kmh in 4th. The only problem is that the gap 2nd-3rd gear is rather wide and is not in the best place around town, eg 3rd too high, 2nd too low on roundabouts.


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        While up sizing the wheels with a petrol engine one day i'd like to finish the conversion by changing the diff ratios I have 265 75 16 I ended up making my own flares as I couldn't find any anywhere for sale that I could buy. Mine drinks fuel its sluggish off the lights compared to the original wheels , right at 100 its down on torque compared if I stand on it at 110 so the cheap wheel upgrade will turn into an expensive diff job just a question of air lockers or detriot . I wont comment about towing as I always thought my 5kz-fe was never any good at towing heavy trailers 5th gear wont be used much if at all while towing.