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Dilemma: upgrade to larger tyres or keep the factory spare wheel cover?

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  • Dilemma: upgrade to larger tyres or keep the factory spare wheel cover?

    Howdy, Just bought a 2002 grande V6 with a lift kit but still on the stock tyres.

    My (neurotic) questions are:
    1. Will upgrading to 265/75r16s make the car look way better? Big difference visually?
    2. Will the extra 1/2 inch clearance and extra footprint when aired down be super critical/useful offroad?
    3. Does anyone have any before/after photos of 265/70 vs 265/75?
    4. The previous owner upgraded to an OME setup for towing, it looks something like a 1" lift at the front and 2" at the back - what do you guys think? I'm assuming 265/75s will fit

    Background: Bought the car last week and it needs new rubber, so I've got a decision to make. Obviously the normal decision would be 265/75 if they fit.

    However, I REALLY love the factory spare wheel cover as I think it sets the colour scheme off nicely and looks schmick. Obviously, if I go one size larger I have to lose the wheel cover. If bigger tyres look awesome and make a big difference then I can live without the spare cover. Sorry for the lame question but I just bought the car and don't want to waste $1000 on wrong tyres or regret decision every time i look at the car.

    I go camping quite often but have never been 4WDriving before, so while I spend the next year camping and learning how to drive off road (inc a training course and maybe a signing up to a club) the car is going to be a bit of a show pony (until I build my skills to the point where I can push her further). It’s pretty immaculate (low km) - I’m obsessed with it and it’s looks are extremely important to me (lame, I know).

    Many thanks for any responses, much appreciated

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    Hit your nearest and trusted tyre shop for advice bud. My old 95 series had that cover on it. We went to Toyota and got the soft cover version of that cover to accommodate for larger tyres. Mind you it was a while ago. weather Toyota would even stock that part anymore........ who knows. It look's like a well kept 95 series though.


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      Sweet looking 90 series. I just have the stock tyres on mine and the stock tyre cover though it does look mean with it off!


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