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  • Steel rims offset

    Hi there,

    I need to change tires on my 2001 Prado 90 VX Diesel. I am currently running 265/70R16 tires (OE size) on Toyota alloy rims (OE).
    I will take the opportunity to go for steel rims and bigger tires.
    Regarding the tires I have chosen some Yokohama Geolandars AT G015 in 265/75R16.

    My question is about the new steel rims, and particularly the offset: the shop suggests 0 offset. But there is also a 13 offset possibility which is closer to the original 15.
    So 0 offset as recommended, it will push out the tires by 15 millimeters and my rear tires are already flush with the fenders. On the other hand the wider track will compensate for the higher center of gravity (+ 13 millimeters)
    Or 13 offset just 2 millimeters from the OE value, seems safe. Do I really need that wider track ? ... ?
    But perhaps there are other parameters to take into account?

    Thanks for your inputs
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