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Need advice! VX or Grande 120 series

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  • Need advice! VX or Grande 120 series

    Hey all,

    Been trying to get my head around whether to get a VX or a Grande V6. I have two boys under 3 and I'd really like rear air, and also the airbags and traction etc. It rules the GXL out. I'm also after a 5 speed auto.

    From doing a bit of reading, the rear air suspension can fail and also one guy mentioned he wanted a Grande but was finding that alot of them have rust in the sunroof. Is this more of a myth than fact? I live in a regional town as it is, so unfortunately don't have access to many cars to view, let alone Prados. Usually when it comes to cars, in the past ive always tried to go the highest model I can go but this time round, I'm just a bit concerned with what I mentioned.

    I need one in the next 4 weeks as I will be moving states and want it before then. Just to learn all about it and find out any of its flaws or repairs if need be. Ive found on average that grandes are 3 to 4 k more expensive.

    Are the grandes worth the extra?

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    The VX is pretty rare compared to the Grande. I believe 2008 model GXLs have rear aircond as standard.

    The sunroof on my 2003 Grande is still fine. Just need to change the airbags if they are over 9 years old as the rubber deteriorates.
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      Originally posted by amts View Post
      ... I believe 2008 model GXLs have rear aircond as standard.
      Yes 2008 tri-zone climate control is standard in the GXL. Fitting a rear locker will overcome the lack of traction control very nicely. That would allow you to get a newer model , perhaps.
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        My sunroof is still in good condition with no rust. - Make sure you check the drains on them (2 small holes on the front to make sure they are not clogged with leaf matter etc.

        The only other issue is the airbags as AMTS mentioned, however there are relatively easy fixes for this.

        If you want the 5 speed auto i think you will need to avoid the earliest versions which only came with the 4 speed. I believe the changeover occurred around October 2004? so anything after that should be a 5 speed.
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          And having traction control is a big bonus- >but also think that both VX and Grande had it.
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