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  • 90 Series purchase

    Hi, I own a 120 series Prado and my daughter is looking at buying a 90 series Prado.
    What are the things I should be looking at and looking out for??
    Looking for a later series model, with ABS brakes, she will definitely be driving off road, as she is already having a great time with mine!

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    Around this age the common failure/worn items are:
    - Front upper/lower ball joints: Not expensive to replace but if left to fail, quite catastrophic and dangerous.
    - All other ball joints: tie rod ends, sway bar links. Cheap/easy to replace.
    - Most steering racks are worn by now and so are the reconditioned ones. Brand new Toyota is around $2000 or Chinese made $500-1000.
    - Radiator, typical aluminium/plastic type has limited life, expect 10yr/200,000
    - The v6 needs timing belt service every 150,000.
    - The lower front bushings (cam bolts) may require replacing, check their condition. Evidence of rust will suggest it'll be difficult to remove them.

    2.7 petrol, 3.4L petrol, 3.0 TD are all good robust engines. I don't know much about the diesel, only that when compared to the later D4D's, the injectors are much cheaper/less trouble, but with less power/efficiency.

    Like any vehicle, if it's already lifted and used offroad regularly, it's quite likely all bushings need to be replaced, front/rear.
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      Watch out for blown/cracked head. Common with the 1kz. Mine went at 103 some go later. Unless it's actually fracked it's hard to determine whether it will or not. Mine was serviced from new, oil filter & oil done every 5 also always used genuine Toyota parts, never towed any thing heavy, never got hot, just noticed over flow bottle clock o block and investigated from there leading to stuffed head. The other apart from what Glenn's already mentioned is the dash board clips. The dash rattle like crazy on corrugated stuff and have seen where they have literally come an inch away off the fire wall. I sikaflexed mine when I had the screen out, fixed the problem on both my 90's.
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        Thanks to all for the posts, picked one up on Friday and the challenge begins.
        Some leaks, but for a car thats 16years old and 320K on the clock should be all good eventually, nothing a bit of hard work wont fix

        See you on the tracks!!
        Bitumen is boring, at least it can get you to the next off road adventure