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Used Prado with sprayed undercarriage / 200k service

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  • Used Prado with sprayed undercarriage / 200k service

    I'm looking to buy a used Prado, 2006 or newer. Most cars in my budget have between 150 and 200 thousand kms. I've been checking Gumtree and also some Auction sites here in Perth. I know that a lot of the cheaper ones are ex-mining, and I understand that one has to be careful but there can be good ones.

    Two of the Prados I looked at had their undercarriage completely oversprayed with some sort of black paint. To me that just looks super dodgy, like they've just covered up a rust bucket. Is there any legitimate reason for this? I also looked at the tools in the back door compartment (wrenches, ...) and they had a lot of rust on them too.

    Is this the red flag I am seeing or could it have been a preventative measure?

    Also, are there any major servicing items to be aware of around the 200,000 km mark?

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    the black paint can be a red flag, However I have just done my 210k service and I'm looking at re-coating my chassis as there is a lot of paint missing where the rocks hit due to short mudflaps. Check the previous owners to check if it is a ex mining car, I would steer away from these, you can usually tell from the covered bolt holes from underneath the car just above the chassis rail inline with the B pillar. Have you looked over east for a car? They seem to be better and cheaper over there? the drive is not too bad either.


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      some dealers seem to get that done by the detailers that clean up there cars. Don't know why as I hate it and also putting the cheap lub all over the dash and plastics and engine bay and parts. May look clean but also covers up any history of the cars life. I try and steer away from those as it's often too hard to get a feel of what life it has had. Usually also have that nasty smelling deodoriser inside as well often trying to cover up either a smokers car or a moldy smell.


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        Thanks for your comments guys. The last one I looked at had pretty much all the issues you both raised: Used to have a rollbar so probably ex-mining (there was a modification sticker and could see the bolts it used to be attached to) and also that strong smelling deodoriser because it had probably been smoked in.

        I will have a look at what's available over east. Might be a bit tricky to organise though.


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          yep, dealers here do it as well. standard process to make it look 'good'. I won't buy one thats had it done. Dealers haven't liked it when I've told them that in the past.