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Advice on this Prado 150

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  • Advice on this Prado 150

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking to buy my first 4x4 (coming from an XR6T and WRX ) and the Prado looks like a great car. I'm interested in used GXL models. This one in particular has caught my attention with some decent existing modifications. However the engine bay looks like it may have more rust and corrosion than any of the other examples I've seen. If any of you guys could chip in if you think this is normal or something to be careful of.


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    The accessories look good, but if it has done hard off-roading, be careful. Look for cracks in the inner guard. Rust is a concern in a vehicle of that age. Rust means it's worked in mines or it has done beach work and not been cleaned afterwords. Expect the rust to spread.
    Stephen Bloomer
    I did have - 2010 GXL D4D Auto, ARB bullbar, rails, sliders, winch, 40mm lift, Brown Davis bash plates and long range tank


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      Only rust I can see is on the second battery. (Which has been added aftermarket. ). So probably cheap components that have some surface rust. It's nothing too really worry about as the rest of the car seems pretty good , I can't see much other rust anywhere else.

      If you can look underneath for tell tale signs of hard work it will stand out pretty well.
      Unless the dealer has given it a coat of black. If so I'd be more wary.


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        Thanks guys. Another query I have is about the km these cars are capable of. I know obviously country km don't mean as much as city km, are there any problems with a 180-220k km GXL that I should be wary of? Are they much more expensive to maintain at that sort of km range. From what I've gathered injectors would probably be due to be replaced.


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          Do you need a diesel?