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Buying a prado 120 with mileage over 300000KM

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  • Buying a prado 120 with mileage over 300000KM

    Hello Guys,

    I am planning to buy a prado 120 within the next few weeks. Today i was out hunting for one and i found one which suites my budget. Its 2004 grande variant and has 350,000 kms in odometer reading. Its an automatic transmission, coupled to a 4l 6 cylinder.

    I inspected the vehicle to the best i could (am no mechanic).
    Below are the things i checked
    Any oil leaks in the enigne - found none
    Dashboard cracks - small crack near the driver side
    Rust in the body - nothing found, i even checked under the rubber seals.

    I did test drive the vehicle and it was smooth given the age and the number of kms it has done. I also checked the air suspension system by adjusting the height through the height controller and it worked smoothly.

    The vehicle is a stock so i assume no major offroading has been done. Anyway my concern is the mileage of the vehicle, am a bit concerned it might be too close for an engine overhaul. How many kms do you guys think a prado 120 would be able to do without an engine overhaul?

    My other concern is the airsuspension, i checked it using the height controller and it worked flawlessly, are there any other ways to check the airsuspension system?
    The owner is providing me rwc for the price so i assume the suspension gets checked when doing the rwc?

    Thank you for your time guys and am sorry for the long post. Its going to be my first 44 so thats why i am a bit concerned.

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    The v6 are a good engine, just thirsty.

    Don't worry about the airbags. When it goes, just do the rear coil conversion
    11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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      Thanks for the reply mate. I thought about it and i decided to go with the VX variant since it does not have air suspension.


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        ... and check for cracks in the inner front guards. Both inside the engine compartment and around the wheels. Not common, but a pain if it happens.
        Greg - 08 D4D Prado,
        Some trips done - Cape York, Fraser Island, Simpson Desert / Central Aust, Vic High Country.


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