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Buying a used 150 Diesel

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  • Buying a used 150 Diesel

    I'm in the market for a prado diesel, possibly a gxl or Kakadu I've seen any from 2009-2011. My biggest fear is the injector issues and cracked piston.

    This probably sounds dumb but if the piston cracks would Toyota still liable because of how common this issue was, plus given the age of the car now.

    Any feedback would be great

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    Depends how much money you wish to throw at legal costs trying to take Toyota to court if it happens to you.. Some people have had a win but most have paid out of pocket for same issues.. And just how common is it? There is literally tens of thousands of Prado's in Aust. How many have had the issue?

    Is there a reason you need a diesel? The Mighty V6 seems to outlive most of them and has plenty more power and a shiteload less service costs..