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Are there really that many problems with Prados?

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  • Are there really that many problems with Prados?


    I'm new, so be nice lol. But I've been looking at buying a 2013/2014 prado with under 100,000kms on the clock for a little while and have been scared off by reading peoples experiences with injector problems, etc. Because I will be buying a 2nd hand car, I obviously might not be told the full history of the car so this worries me. It will be a big outlay for us so we really couldn't afford to have any major issues.
    My family and friends keep telling me to just buy a new/1-2 year old isuzu mu-x or pajero sport instead-- which i have considered but love the look of prados.

    I do need a 7 seater as I've got 4 children, and the 4WD aspect is what I want so we can go beach driving etc.

    Any help would be really appreciated :-)


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    Howdy and welcome
    ask yourself how many Prados do you see driving around, then think how many do you see broken down on the side of the road, unfortunately when you read forums there seems like a lot of horror stories, when in fact they are compared to the number of Prados out there very minimal.

    buying a Prado that new you can check the service history with the dealer, even if you buy private you can still check the service history at Toyota dealers.

    go with your heart as you know you’ll never regret it.


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      Hi Nicole,
      There is a lot of Prado's on the road and I would say most never have problem. If you have a problem you tend to tell everyone. Injectors are a wear item and as such they do need to be replaced. The general distance talked about is 150K. One thing any diesel does not like is small trips, eg 5min's run to the shops this is something to look for when shopping for a low mileage used 4WD.
      I have had 5 diesel Toyota 4WD's, 2 Hilux's, 1 100 series LandCruiser, and I am on my second Prado. The first Prado (120 series) had almost 300,000km's on it when sold and it never missed a beat.

      When looking second hand, look for good service history, something that has been used on long trips over short trips and factor in you will need to have the injectors changed.

      In the past with in-direct injection (early Landcruisers, Hilux's) they blow black smoke when the injectors are worn, new motors with direct injection do not like worn injectors(they start to drip, or spray poor) and this leads to motor failure.

      All new diesels are the same, and all makes have had problems.

      Just my thoughts, hope it helps.
      Black 2014 GX, with list on things I would like to add.


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        Hi Nicole,
        I bought a 2014 post facelift Prado with 130k's on the clock. It had done an average of 45k's per year since new - all country k's - I knew the background of the vehicle. Regular servicing; all the k's long distance country travel and very little stop start driving. It was like brand new and spotless.
        Many people are put off by high k's - but as Black 120 has said, it's the type of k's that are important. I had the injectors replaced at 170k's; fitted a catch can; had the inlet manifold de-carboned - and now have a car as good as new.
        Black 120 is spot on. They are a bloody good vehicle if they are looked after - but no diesel will last if it is just driven to the shops week in week out and never given the chance to get a good run.

        my thoughts.


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          Find the various forums for Isuzu and Pajero, do the research. They all have problems and a 4X's problems will always cost more than a conventional car. Look into the replies from service centres/dealers. Who actually recognises there's a fault and who comes back with the stock replies. The V6 auto in a 120 or 150 would be my pick for a reliable shopping cart as they're so easy to fit into a park. Test drive an Isuzu and you'll see the difference. Any diesel with high K's up on it needs close inspection and full service history as they're madly expensive to overhaul when things go bad.


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            If you have 4 kids, don't buy the Isuzu or Pajero sport - way too cramped. I got a prado for the same reason (4 kids) and there is plenty enough space. It was 5 years old with 90,000km when I bought it and its now pushing 300,000km with only a couple of mechanical issues (and absolutely none until 250,000km). I agree the sheer number of prados you see around speaks for itself.


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              Good to see so many Prado owners stand by their vehicles, I think that is testament in itself. Nicole like you I had the same concerns about injector failure when choosing a Prado with many people saying how bad they where in regards to injectors. Going from my own Prado, my work vehicle (used to service very remote locations), my brothers, his mate who has it submerged to its bonnet on many occasions, and 5 other mates with diesel hiluxes with the same engines, models ranging from when they were first released till now and which represent all kinds of driving styles and ownership I have still not seen a single one have this notorious injector problem (other than my work vehicle which wasn't injectors but injector pump but that was due to a lot of water going through it and no fault of its own).

              I still regularly talk to other avid 4wd owners who tell me about how bad the injectors are in the Prado's and Hiluxes, none with experience of their own or know of someone personally who has had this problem. I usually just play dumb and pretend to be scared that it will happen to me that way when mine finally does go hopefully everyone is scared off from buying them and I can buy the next one much cheaper hehe.


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                You might be better looking at a early 2.8 from 2015 on with slightly higher kms.

                you will be avoiding the 1kd at its most vulnerable part of its life. 100-150 kms are where some (a small percentage) will be hitting problems like cracked pistons $12k fix New injectors $4k fitted ... water pumps valve clearance adjust and timing belts around 150kms.

                the 2.8 has a dpf which can also have problems.

                But donít be put off by the Facebook groups 1kd cracked pistons page, there are thousands of good high km Prado and hilux with the 1kd engine.

                make sure you find a good one and have it checked out including injector feedback hot readings.
                make sure itís never been chipped and has a full history.

                good luck and enjoy

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