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Is a 2014 Prado VX 3.0L with 152,000 km safe from the injector problem?

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  • Is a 2014 Prado VX 3.0L with 152,000 km safe from the injector problem?

    You are probably sick of these questions, but I like the car and am worried that the model is not new enough to avoid the problem. I am buying it from a Toyota dealer and the salesperson says that if it is after 2012 then it won't have a problem. (I will check the maintenance history as well.)

    If it is vulnerable to that problem, what model is safe?

    Or is the probability of the failure low enough to ignore?

    I am buying it so I can stop using my range rover sport in the high country - I therefore need it to be reliable.

    Thanks for your help!

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    As far as I know the final upgrades including stronger or at least redesigned pistons didnt become 100% used until Jan 2013. Supposedly these started appearing from Oct 2012 and were phased in. No idea if that is solid or a bit of guff from the service guys.
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      Thank you mjrandom. It is a good sign that the dealer is providing me with the correct information - and great news that the car should be OK.


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        Seems not, I saw one last year 2014 with under 90k kms on it cracking a piston. Due to injectors out of wack.. Luck of the draw.. Makes the Petrol look much better on paper..


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          There is also plenty of evidence of 12 and 13's cracking pistons..


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            Thanks Piggy. Today I spoke to a different dealer and I received a different answer... I was told that I would get a warning before any damage, and besides, I could ask the dealer to perform a "burn off". You give them your car, they hook up the computer and it sets the idle rate very high, generating a lot of heat which burns off the gunk. That sounds pretty low-tech, but he said newer models have a button that will start this process for you. It sounds like a self-cleaning oven...

            But he also said it is pure luck of the draw, there is a very low probability of it occurring, and that "every" diesel in Australia is susceptible because of our dirty fuel...


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              Run Techstream and get the relevant injector values, then you know exactly where the injectors are at. The washers should not be an issue on a 2014.

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                Ummm, dont think the 2014 has DPF .. Post Sept 15 I understand? Meaning that your car will NOT perform a DPF burn.. and in now way will that help with injector issues or cracked pistons that the Prado D4D (Designed 4 detonation) has..


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                  Which if no DPF means your mechanic has no idea whatsoever...


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                    Was the mechanic at a Toyota dealer? as if so it has given me even less confidence than I had before!