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With or without Airbags?

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  • With or without Airbags?

    Hi all
    looking for a 90series and there are a few to choose from here in Adelaide.
    Problem is, majority donít have the airbag/ABS package!

    My brain says only get one with airbags and ABS - but should I be so concerned or should I open up to non-ABS versions?

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    Whats your safety worth?


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      ABS units on these older cars can give trouble. Replacement cost is prohibitive.
      My 90 has no bags or ABS, vacuum boosted brakes.


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        I'm with Carco,
        if you are going to buy a twenty-odd year old car then avoid all the "destined to fail" electrical items like electric windows etc. I prefer pov pack RVs, the less fruit the better.
        Forty years driving and I have yet to hit/be hit by anyone. A big fan of cautious driving plus a lot of years
        on a bike/motorcycle helps you spot the f*#&tard steering wheel attendants!.

        Seen on a sign outside an oldtime garage: " The least reliable part on any car is the nut holding the steering wheel"


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          Thanks guys. 20 years driving for me, likewise no incidents (knock on wood).

          I am always inclined to go for the highest featured vehicle possible in my budget. Unfortunately, there are few VX or Grandes around that I could afford. So a GXL is looking likely.

          I guess I was equally concerned with the lack of ABS to avoid needing the airbags to begin with.
          What are the non-ABS Prados like at pulling up?


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            I have the GXL but without airbags and ABS. Does have aircon which is good

            Yes it's a decrease on the safety of our other car but we mainly just use the Prado for camping and trips away so we just accept the risk.

            ABS can be mitigated somewhat by learning and practicing cadence braking (especially as I had never driven a non-ABS car) but of course it's no match for the speed and responsiveness of modern multi-channel ABS systems.

            I have had no scares so far B1benno with pulling up even in dark city driving in the wet. Sure if you hooned about doing 90 in a 60 zone and rammed on the brakes at each stop light it would be another story, but you wouldn't last a long time even in a modern car doing that


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              I have a few cars, the modern ones have all the safety gadgets.
              But upon reading the owner's manuals, I couldn't believe where I shouldn't/couldn't seat children in these multi star "safe" cars.
              Side airbags are considered too dangerous to have kids seated beside them ???
              Mrs car has 7-bags from memory and the only safe seat for a child is the centre back seat spot.


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                carco that's interesting, can't recall reading the owners manual for my MY2010 Lancer CJ (7 airbag) but I've always had my son on the rear passenger side. He's a tall 6yr old now so almost beyond legally needing a child seat. Heard many times front airbags can harm babies if in the front passenger seat. I'll take another look at the manual. Nuts when most of these cars are sold as family cars.

                No such worries in the Prado though


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                  Same. I have a Territory with 4 or 6 airbags and my Navara has 7.

                  Dont recall reading where where to sit my three kids either... Iíll have to check!