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Looking at a new GX or a GXL

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  • Looking at a new GX or a GXL

    I am about to buy a new 150 Prado. I previously had a 120 GXL. I would love to buy the 150 GXL and I know most people go for it, but I can't really justify buying the GXL and then fit out other necessities such as bull bar, dual battery, towbar, trailer brake wiring etc etc. So I am seriously considering the GX. I will mainly use it for family holidays camping and towing a 2 tonne van. Looking at the specs it appears the main exclusion from the GX is the rear diff (most of the other stuff I can do without). I'd welcome your advice.

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    I had the same dilemma in 2016. I went for the GX because I no longer had a need for the 8 seats of the 120 and in any event the set up in the 150 GXL was rubbish in comparison. By 2016 the GX had been up specced to be nearly the same as the GXL but about 90 kg lighter so is able to carry more on outback trips. The current GX is now even better specced. My GX has the full range of touring mods and would be as well set up as any (and used for a lot of out back /desert travel). The total cost of all of this ended up less than the cost of a plane Jane GXL. Go .The 5 seater GX!


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      PS. The traction control is so good that you will not miss the diff lock unless you are are into serious rough mountain tracks. In any event an aftermarket diff lock only costs about $1500.


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        Thanks for the comment 404 - it reinforces my thoughts, though I hadn't considered the weight saving. Great point.


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          Hi. I went for a GX in 2016 like 404pug as I did not need the 3rd row of seats but more space in the back. Yes a few minor things missing like GPS - but the supplied system is really useless and I have replaced with a Dasaita Android unit; steps - really useless for protection; chrome bits on grill - but the back grille matches the black bull bar and a few hundred saved on no colour coding. But think most "safety" bits and GPS are there in GX now. Main issue you will have is if in the city, dealers usually don't have GX nor really know much about them. The GX may not be a big saving on price, but still a start for the touring extras - and they add up quickly!!.


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            A few specs for those interested. In the 2020 auto models and based on RRP the GXL costs approx. $7K more than a GX. Here is a list of the extras that are included in the GXL (from the spec sheets):
            - Rear diff lock and switch
            - Third row seating
            - 3 zone air-conditioning
            - Rear window tinting
            - Roof rails
            - Premium steering wheel
            - Front/rear sensors
            - Side steps
            - Bi-LED headlamps
            - LED fog lamps
            - Theft deterrent alarm


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              If you were thinking about water crossings, the Bi-LED headlights in the GXL cannot tolerate submergence. (There is another thread about this.) So no wading greater than 700mm with the GXL.

              My other half said we (she) required the multizone aircon, so that is why we have a GXL. Rear seats removed free of charge at a dealer service
              2019 Prado GXL 2.8L Diesel
              2003 Jimny too


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                My thoughts on those GXL extras:
                - Rear diff lock and switch - as 404pug says, Prado is quiet good and can add yourself
                - Third row seating - don't want or need
                - 3 zone air-conditioning - nice but how many years did we survive using manual controls? Or even no air-con!!??
                - Rear window tinting - note it is coloured glass not tinting; I recommend getting proper tinting, especially with the GX; & not with the rust, paint protection, tint racket from dealers
                - Roof rails - what are they for?
                - Premium steering wheel - wife's Corolla has this - its rubbish and needs regular goo to attempt to protect it from sun damage.
                - Front/rear sensors - yeah these are nice, especially rear. But having driven for years without them I am more than happy with rear view camera, works well on the 10" Dasaita screen. And the Kaymar rear bar helps!!
                - Side steps - only useful for stepping up to car; useless for protection
                - Bi-LED headlamps - Ok
                - LED fog lamps - again, wife's Corolla has them & are rarely used; wife doesn't even know how to turn them on. But may depend on where you live.
                - Theft deterrent alarm - Ok

                Just remember, that $7000 RRP saving is a good start on those extras.


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                  Yep, like 404 pug and gwaite001, I also have the 2015 GX. ( last of the 3.0lts) It is not the 1st time for me that I have I have had a base model previously owning a 120 GX and a 90RV before that, so base model is fine for me.

                  Seriously, if you don’t need the rear seats then save the $ and go the GX.
                  IIf it is $7k premium for a GXL save that money and throw it at the accessories.
                  like 404 pug I have built a great tourer from a GX model that I can tow my 1800kg van with.

                  Some might say what about the loss come resale time but I have sold my previous ones and as a percentage of the purchase price it would be not much different to a higher spec model only that at a initial purchase price being lower the loss is not as great.

                  Moving forward we are contemplating a bigger heavier van which may call for a more suitable vehicle. High on the raider is a 200s in a GX model, In comparison between the 150 GX and the 200 GX, the 200s is that much more basic but I would be happy as I don’t need the things that excite others.

                  You will be happy with a GX if you are not into bling and labels.
                  New 2015 150s GX 5 seater with floor mats, towbar and a big wish list
                  Previously a 2004 120s 1KZ GX silver manual with stuff
                  before that a 1996 RV6 90S with lots of gear


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                    Thanks all for your thoughts and comments which have been really useful. I have taken the plunge, decided on a GX and should have it next week. More to come...