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  • New VX and upgrades

    Hey all,

    am looking at getting a VX before Xmas and am keen to know prices of what people are paying...

    Also, are there any Toyota upgrades worth it? I am looking at new tyres, lift, snorkel, loopless bullbar, bash plates and towball - am considering just going to ARB and get a price....



  • #2
    I have a VX on order, the on road price was 73k with only the rubber Floor mats as an option. I can’t see the point in paying luxury tax by getting other accessories from the dealer so I will get them direct from the supplier.


    • #3
      POC when do you expect to take delivery? I just don't understand why the used prices are so high at the moment.


      • #4
        Where was that price from POC? I'm trying to get Toyota down a bit on a quote they gave me yesterday. Looking to jump in a VX ASAP.


        • #5
          I ordered a VX in November, 74k on road in SA. It won't arrive until March though. I didnt negotiate particularly hard, just got 3 quotes and went with the lowest.


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            Sorry for the late reply guys, I’m expecting delivery in FEB 21, I wanted to go for a 21 plate. I got it from Oldmac Toyota.


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