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Rhino Hide for 150 Series

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    Spray paing it with black stripes, zebra mobile!
    My 150 build -


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      Originally posted by photoprado View Post
      Ok, of course anyone can make a decision to buy something that others don't consider for their own use.

      The basics I have that prevent myself thinking these are a good item to buy:

      -> High cost.
      -> Speed limit using the panels because the panels will get blown off at 80kph+ speed.
      -> Storage when removed on the trip.
      -> Problems re-applying the panels on a dirty 4wd during a trip: Might scratch the paint applying and removing it later. Sections of our trips have areas at speed limit 100-110 and low speed rough sections.
      Re: Speed Limits. Some of the earlier videos have them saying they are tested to 150kph. I guess they just don't recommend going over 80.


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        Originally posted by Atherton View Post
        Hi everyone,

        I recently came across this product at a 4wd show hosted by Ronny Dahl. It's basically a big fridge magnet that covers both sides of your car, it can be painted and is held on with strong magnets- The idea being that it protects your car from branches etc. The product looks super interesting and they are taking pre-orders for the 150 Prado now. Those of us who order early get it for half price.

        I've no financial or other ties to them, I just thought it looked interesting for those of us who are a bit precious about our paintwork

        facing the same issue do you know about the best solution you have found so far?
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          Has anyone that ended up buying these got any pics to share? Did they actually hang on past 80k?


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