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$850 for TJM Locker and Air Compressor TJM Gympie

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  • $850 for TJM Locker and Air Compressor TJM Gympie

    Like the title says, TJM gympie have got 5 lockers left for 150 Prados- The owner pucrhased a large number of them a while ago thinking they would fit Hilux's (they don't). I got mine today with a TJM air compressor for 850 bucks (which is a pretty amazing deal and well worth a drive up from Brissy). I was told he had five left so I thought I'd share on here if anyone else wanted a really cheap locker. I never intended to buy one and was in the shop for an unrelated reason but when I saw the price I couldn't pass it up.

    I was told that the lockers (all rear) will not fit Hilux's or 120 series prados- I've got a series 1 150 and that's what they're for (unsure if 2.8 has the same rear diff or not).

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    Thanks for the head up mate. I spoke to Luke over at Gympie store and he was able to freight one to me in WA! excellent customer service. Looks like maybe only one left at this stage.


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      Yeah mate, they are really good guys who know their stuff- Great after sales support and service.