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  • Beach 4WDing

    Hey guys,
    I just picked up my first prado, A 2014 VX D4D.
    I'm so pumped to get it off road. I have had next to no experience so I'm in need a few tips.
    I have a house down at Culburra Beach, South Coast NSW so I'm looking for beach and off road tracks easy to medium that I can take my family on without getting into much strife (I Have a 4 and a 2 year old kids)
    And what basics should I bring along with me as far the car goes (apart from general stuff like food and toys) I'm talking like a compressor for the tyres after I deflate them and things like that.
    Thanks heaps for the help guys, p.s this forum is kick ass!!!

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    Hey mate,
    As far as beach driving goes, not much is needed besides low tyre pressures. Maxtrax can come in very handy when you get stuck though.
    Also some recovery gear such as rated points, shackles and a snatch strap just in case.


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      Tyre pressure and momentum are the 2 single important things to beach driving. Get that right and you're good as gold.
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        As others have said, reduced tyre pressures (depending how soft the sand is) and momentum are the main things. I would recommend that you carry recovery gear, rated tow points front and a tow hitch rear at a minimum, snatch strap, shovel and maxtrax are very good for a sand recovery.
        Study up and know when the high and low tides are.

        Probably the most important thing is to have FUN!


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          have a look at this thread mate.

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            If your new to 4wding.

            Go with a mate first. Learn what to do
            11/06 kdj120 gx wide body auto


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              And don't forget to turn off the traction control...

              Have a read of this thread!

              Have fun!!


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                I would avoid getting close to tide level until you fell comfortable with driving on the beach stay high and dry, u dont want to be the pin up boy for pradopoint :P
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                  Places to check out in Queensland, check out this and others that I post for free on YouTube
                  Check out my channel and subscribe if you can.


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                    frasier island would be one of the best places for 4wd,
                    might be abit far from you but worth the trip
                    i just left the yesterday


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