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UHF radio frequency allocation.

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    Originally posted by JGD View Post
    Legalities aside, a decent antenna is always going to be more beneficial than putting out 25 watts. No point putting out a strong signal if you can't receive anything back because of a crappy antenna setup
    Uniden has since failed, and been replaced with a GME 4701B 2.1db
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    with ARB Catalog, with TJM add ons!



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      Originally posted by amts View Post
      Done. Download it from here
      Great idea. My mrs laminated it today and now in the visor for future reference
      Thanks Matt
      2008 120 GX D4D with a few extras
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        Awesome idea mattfunk.
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          What do DX RPT I/P O/P stand for

          DX is an amateur radio abbreviation for DISTANCE but in this context probably means DUPLEX. RPT means REPEATER

          I/P is for INPUT and O/P is OUTPUT

          Repeaters are used to extend the range of radio systens. A site, usualy on a hill [high] or mountain that has a good view of then area you wish to cover is chosen. On this site are a transmitter and receiver on 2 different frequencies. The transmitter and receiver are connected together so when the receiver receives some thing it is retransmitted by the transmitter but on a different frequency, sometimes higher and sometimes lower. Hence the I/P and O/P. The mobile or handheld has these frquencies reversed. This method of operation is called 2 frequency simplex. Simplex because the mobile station can either receive or transmit but not at the same time.

          Hope this helps or have I just confused you! It is secnond nature to me as I have been involved in the radio game all my working life, since 1964 in fact!!

          PM me if need to and I will anwser any question you may have.


          Owen VK6YBA


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            I would love to sit down with you and pick your brains Owen, it would probably be a little painful for you, but I would supply the coldies!

            I need to learn how to use my uhf properly and get the most out of it.



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