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ARB bullbar vs Kangaroo

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  • ARB bullbar vs Kangaroo

    Hi All,
    I couldn't find a thread about this, the occasional post here and there but not much substance. If anyone else has similar stories would be a good place to share.
    I have a 2010 GXL with an ARB deluxe winch bar. Recently hit a 4 foot tall male roo at 110kmh and thought I'd share how these bars hold up to this kind of hit. Short answer is $5900 total damage bill (insurance luckily).
    The roo's body hit at the passenger side fog light. Damage included- Smashed fog light/indicator, headlight cover smashed, headlight broken (still working but cracked and electric mechanism broken), bar twisted backwards and now angles up approx 5 degrees, bar twisted to the left by about 5 degrees, passenger front guard bowed out slightly, plastic between bar and grille broken, various bolts on underside wing guards sheared.
    Bulb from lightforce XGT got dislodged but once put back in worked fine. Cover from driving light ended up 200m down road but still in tact.
    Might sound like a lot but none of the engine/drive components were damaged at all, we were 220km into a 3000km trip and were able to continue.
    I can upload photos of people want but the twist in the bar is hard to see and the only other photoworthy damage is the missing fog light/dent in bar.
    All in all the bar saved the car. The positive to come out of this is I now get a shiny new colour coded bar.
    Click image for larger version

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    Excellent outcome for all passengers and the vehicle Jimmy. No major damage is great & everyone safe. I'm glad to hear these bars work. What time of day did this happen?
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      Happened at about 8pm on the Lassetter Highway (the road to Uluru)


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        I take it the roo was roo-ted after that hit.


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          a good story, and one that I can echo. The ARB steel bar after hitting a substantial Western Grey on Yorkes at a similar speed, performed exceptionally well. My hit was just after sunrise. I've hit small roos around the top end, all were too small to be any worry to the underside or the bar. I'm not wanting to test the bar against a horse or buffalo.
          I hope you were close to getting into civilisation when it happened. Not a nice place to be on the road any time after daylight, even with good lights. Too many BIG animals out there.


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            Originally posted by B.Col View Post
            I'm not wanting to test the bar against a horse or buffalo.
            This begs the question, when did they stop being Roo bars and become Bull Bars? Hit a bull at 110 and your bar is toast along with the vehicle its bolted to.

            Fortunately I have only tested mine on small Roo's with low impacts, having experienced a high speed impact with a big roo and an alloy bar many years ago I am sure the ARB steel bar would fare much better.

            Cheers Andrew
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              I hit a flock of galahs the other day about 100km west of Robe. Destroyed 8 or 9 of them. Unfortunately they destroyed an IPF Sports spotlight. Surprisingly the windscreen survived without a scratch.


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                I'd say it's just marketing terminology Andrew. Bull bar sounds tougher as Bulls are bigger than Roos.

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                  From my younger days I remember that roo bars were typically ally or steel pipe formed in a basic sort of oval shape and attached either directly to the bumper bar or just under where the bumper came off the frame. Bit like those pathetic scrub bars found on Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Bull bars were heavy steel box section originally intended for shoving bulls around the paddock. You only ever saw a bull bar on a shorty Tojo or a farm truck.
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                    I've hit at least 10 with my arb bar mostly in the pilbara, a few in gascoyne. All I have to show for it is a chipped polycarbonate number plate. Have managed to get all of them between the goal posts. Worst was at 130, I was cleaning bits of roo from everywhere.
                    Mine is the winchbar with winch, don't know if that makes a difference.


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                      I borrowed my sons BT50 ute, and hit big buck 'roo at 60 k's, $3k worth of damage. No bull bullbar.


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                        JimmyC - Great post. Would be interested to know if you had the options covered on your insurance and if the insurer is going to replace the bull bar or will they just repair it?

                        Will repairing make the bullbar weaker for next time (if there is a next time)?


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                          [QUOTE=V1SHRNZ;496566]JimmyC - Great post. Would be interested to know if you had the options covered on your insurance and if the insurer is going to replace the bull bar or will they just repair it?

                          Yeah, insurance is covering all the damages, they are also replacing my driving light which got a knock but isn't broken. They told me that animal impacts are in a special group where they charged me the 'at fault' excess but are not penalising my no-claim bonus or changing my rating or anything. I ended up with a $945 excess (450 excess plus a 400 charge for being under 25 plus a couple of other fees). Considering its $5900 damage it's a good sign. The guy took one look at it and told me its being replaced.
                          Also due to some sort of weird thing with my insurance company they have to quote for a genuine Toyota bar, which is worth 2500 but then they put on a colour coded ARB bar which is worth 2200.
                          It's so far been 3 months since the incident and hasn't been repaired, the insurance mob got busy with those QLD floods (which was ok with me because QLD needed the help more urgent than me) and then with the Christmas shut down/new years and now ARB got backordered 176 bullbars so it will hopefully be done on the 2nd feb. Luckily the car is still fully driveable, just hating it because I like a well maintained car and currently it looks like a dump.


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                            We hit a female eastern grey at 80km/hr with our Smart Bar - didn't kill the roo but broke its back, so I had to send it to roo heaven anyway, but you can't see where it hit the bar! A bigger male at 100+km/hr may have been a different story but I was impressed.



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                              At the end of the day the damage can be fixed.
                              Nobody wants to sit on the side of the road waiting for help because a roo took them out.
                              At least with a bar you can complete your journey and not be stranded.
                              As bushbasher has said a roo bar was the pipe style that came up from underneath and kept all you original bumper.
                              Bullbar is a bit more build into the front.

                              I remember a guy hitting a small roo in an XF falcon when i worked in Karratha.
                              Not much visible damage but it split the bumper and caved in the radiator onto fan.
                              Pre digital cameras and internet so was 2 weeks before approval from insurance company.
                              No good for the owner who was 50kms into a 5 week holiday.
                              Poor buggar was stranded in Wickham......

                              One other thing is to make sure all additions to your vehicles are listed with your insurance company.
                              I have heard of a $3000 bullbar claim being declined because they wernt told it had been fitted.
                              Mate was unimpressed by their offer of a new bumper only.


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