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2012 Prado Kakadu Speakers

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  • 2012 Prado Kakadu Speakers

    G'day fellow Pradonians, I've just permanently got behind the well of a Kakadu.
    Though in my drive home, it wasn't until that song came on and cranked the music that I found one of the speakers, pretty sure it's the center one on the dash, is buggered.
    I don't suppose anyone has a come across a break down of the layout of speakers in the cab and if I should replace with the same 'Toyota speaker' or replace with a you-beaut karaoke handling brand..

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    Mine seems fine, though I was thinking about maybe wiring my UHF rear out put into it as the UHF iuse is very Quiet. Be interested to see how far you can go with it
    [CENTER]Grandpa spec 2010 Kakadu. [/CENTER]


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