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Fuel economy 120 petrol vs 150 diesel

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  • Fuel economy 120 petrol vs 150 diesel

    Hi Members,
    I have a120 series duel fuel with very low millage , and tow a caravan and get between 19- 21 litres per 100 KMs.
    My question is should I think of upgrading to a 150 series diesel in order to get better economy.
    Any information will be welcome.



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    Is it a 120 with the D4D engine.or the KZ engine..and are you thinking of the 2.8 diesel 150


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      Sorry it is a 2003 Prado with a 4 litre petrol and dual fuel.


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        Hi Glenn,

        It doesn't seem to make sense going from an LPG powered V6 to a diesel 2.8 or 3.0 four cylinder, in terms of cost of ownership.

        The diesel, towing, will probably be 15-16 litres per 100 kms. The cost will be far higher for a diesel but of course there are other considerations, e.g. newer vehicle, tighter suspension, perhaps more range between fillups, higher specifications, etc.

        At $0.70 per litre for LPG vs $1.55 per litre for diesel, your current vehicle is far cheaper per km to fuel, and quite likely, cheaper to maintain in the long run. The V6 is long lived and low maintenance compared to the diesel which can be costly to fix if something goes wrong. As long as you have upper cylinder head lubrication to protect your valve seats from the dry nature of LPG fuel, and ensure that your cooling system is A-OK, you should have a very long lasting vehicle in the Prado V6.


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          As posted already, if your changing to reduce running costs it would not be worth it in my opinion. If you are looking to increase your range between tank fills as opposed to running costs the diesel would give you a greater range from a tank.

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            I am getting 9.6l per 100km average at the minute.
            2015 2.8 gxl.. no major mods yet just rear drawers and fridge. Arb bar and dual batterys will be fitted over xmas so im assuming them figures will increase.
            Hope this helps