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Who is Australia's PM

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  • Who is Australia's PM

    A friend has been trying to register a PP account, and it fails at the question

    "Who is Australia's Prime Minister"

    He said he tried the last 4!

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    That could change next week


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      From the maintenance record of P.P. better to start with Bob Menzies and work forward.


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        Try Harold Holt. Gone MIA like some people around here.


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          Originally posted by Mikey338 View Post
          That could change next week
          Only two more prime ministers till xmas .......................
          Atheism is a non-prophet organization.


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            Hey Admin - any chance someone could actually fix the above listed problem? As at today (12/10/18) the registration form will still not accept any answer to the Random Question regarding Australia's Prime Minister. Any attempt to contact you via the "Contact Us" thread also asks for the same question to be answered, thereby preventing contact with you!!!


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              hmm another sure way of killing a forum , make sure we cant accept new members !, opps thats not intentional but will it get fixed ?, i guess now with the list of errors that we all get and the non function of so many things i guess this one should go top the front of the Queue . after
              the error lines on posts ,
              error on photos ,
              error on videos,
              like button not working
              post numbers dont change,
              the last poster tag on a thread only sometimes works
              error lines on edits , never managing to get a avatar photo to work ,
              and the mostly the no reply, in general ,from admin .

              But seriously the error stopping new members from signing up is a grave one folks......