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Prado GXL 2018 - LED Headlight Upgrade

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  • Prado GXL 2018 - LED Headlight Upgrade

    Hi. Just taken delivery a couple of months ago of my 2018 GXL Model Prado. On my previous model (2012) I was able to upgrade the H11 & HB3 Headlight globes to LED. Looking at the current model whilst it has LED Low Beam & High Beam headlights, they aren't much chop and would like to upgrade, but the headlight unit appears to be a complete unit and you can't just replace / upgrade the globes.....Down the track you blow the LED, you need to replace the whole unit...Big Bucks!!!

    Any ideas from anyone. Thanks.

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    Didnít know this ! Thought it was a better housing and just a led globe!

    guessing for a replacement will be 1000 + for just a headlight ! I get my 2018 prado Monday


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      Still doing a bit if investigation so will advise when I know something further....


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        You can't just upgrade the LEDs in the 2018 GXL light housing. I was told that the whole unit sticks together and it's pretty costly to fix/upgrade/change anything with it.
        Do you not like the stock/built-in LEDs? I think they are pretty awesome , both in terms of light intensity and colour.