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Kakadu - just replacing the front coils

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  • Kakadu - just replacing the front coils

    There have been many a discussion on 2" lift for Kakadu's, who will do it, what equipment to us etc etc. But, haven't really found an answer to what I wanted to do... That is, to just replace the front springs (to stiffer non OEM ones) to reduce sag caused by bullbar+winch assembly?

    After installing my Rhino 3d Evolution Bar and Winch, I have lost a bit of clearance (approx. 20 mm) and the factory springs seem to struggle when I am off road (bashplates get a bit of a workout over uneven tracks) I am not really after 2" lifts (because of perceived complexity of the process) and the Prado is still under extended warranty (So I don't want to 'rock the boat' much, yet!), though both local TJM, Dobinsons and ARB guys have given me quotes for the 2" lift...The ARB guys have proposed just replacing the front springs if it is just getting rid of the sag...

    So, just wanted to know what the experienced peeps think ... does replacing the front springs to stiffer non OEM ones still carry the same complications with the infamous 'lean' (intuitively, the answer I thought would be yes... but wasn't sure)... hence the question... I figured if the risk is the same, might as well go for lift at the same time...

    Thanks in advance...

    2.8L Kakadu (Chrystal Pearl). Extras - Snorkel, tow-bar, tint & bonnet protection. Wish list - Bash-plate, diff breather extension

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    You need uneven length coils to replace the front coils on the Kakadu to address the lean.
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