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Fitting aftermarket LED headlights to Toyota

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  • Fitting aftermarket LED headlights to Toyota

    I am looking for information about fitting aftermarket LED headlights to a Toyota. I am requesting this information to assist a friend who is fitting LED headlights to his sons 1995 Landcruiser ute. While my friend is very experienced in vehicle repairs, etc., he had not done this particular task before. Apparently there is a problem with positive, negative power change when you turn on to high beam, whereas low beam works fine. Can anyone guide me towards a web site or forum thread that explains the problems and solutions about changing from normal headlights to LED headlight systems? Brian DJ

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    I fitted LED’s to my 90. Straight swap in and then adjust cut off as they will dazzle oncoming traffic.
    Only problem is the high beam warning light won’t work.
    Also if you had spot lights working before, they won’t trigger the relay with LED’s and therefore no go.
    All of this can be sorted with some wiring tricks which I have long forgotten.
    Suggest you join the Mighty 90’s Facebook Page and you’ll get all the info you’ll need.


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