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2002 90 series Prado VX

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  • 2002 90 series Prado VX

    Gday team, I've just purchased my first Prado and have to say I really like it.

    I am going to add a Sony XAV-AX 3200 head unit for Apple CarPlay and also want to put a reverse camera on but I am unsure where the best location is to sit it. I do have a hardcover on the spare wheel so don't want to embed it inside the wheel like others I've seen do on this forum. The installer is recommending to put it under the rear door handle but that is off-centre so I feel like that isn't going to give me a good view.

    Someone else suggested sitting it just above the towbar which would actually be good for backing up to a trailer, just don't know if that is too low?

    Is there a particular go-to location that I should install on?

    Also just on a side note, are there any good interior mods that people can recommend??
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