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  • Opal GPS/ Audio review

    HI All,
    I had the Opal (Toyota universal) unit installed professionally last week,total cost about $1300, just before my trip with the little bloke to Innamincka via Tibboburra and the Strezleki.
    In a word - disappointing.
    Audio - ordinary, not as good as the OEM Fujitsu. The sound clips alot earlier (but still loud) and there is a lack of fullness in the bass. The sound turns muddy when "loudness" is applied.
    Radio - our local FM station faded away at the outskirts of town - only a few km from the tower!. I will have the installer check that the aerial is plugged in.
    Ipod - works really well through the screen though it did "lock up" more than once, but the really annoying thing is it is not accessable from the main screen or buttons - you have to go through Home then Accessories then Ipod. But they have a DVD button on the front panel - WTF?
    GPS - nearly ***** killed me. What a load of rubbish! It runs on PolNav software - it may be fine for getting from Pitt St. to Bondi but for out here it is absolutely bloody useless. Innamincka does not exist on this unit. There is no overview of where you are going, only where you are ie, if you try to zoom out to see surrounding towns/areas you will not see any towns listed on screen. You do not have a choice of an alternative route other than the one the unit says - it will not look/offer another way.
    The mapping is inaccurate, on the road from home(Broken Hill) to Tibboburra the unit spent half the time telling me I was "off road" It does not display anything geographical ie creeks, lakes (dry or otherwise). While the unit says"offroad" there is no update of distance to go - it just stays on the last distance displayed
    At one point, we arrived at a t-junction on the way to Innamincka and the unit couldn't tell me whether to go left or right, I couldn't even find a town on the unit to let me know basic direction - thank God for my old Hema maps. This unit is a good example of why you should always have paper maps.
    Now, having bagged this unit, Im told by the distributor that they are working on making it compatable with Oziexplore/Hema, that may make the unit better and more accurate as I suppose it is the existing software that makes the unit perform so poorly.
    I will be looking to have my money returned.
    I will buy a good sound system to replace the Opal and a Hema 7" GPS to get me where I need to go.
    PS My wife just ran while driving to Mildura to say that the navigation system has frozen - what a P.O.S.!!
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    Bruce, I have had a Digoptions unit fitted and it has never worked since I got it. I am in Alice Springs and know what you mean about working in the shop but not out in the remote or rural areas. You really need a system that will run OziExplorer. There are both versions for Android and Win CE.


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      Yes quite agree about the android or win ce powered units, I started a thread about my Chinese 10 inch screen 300 unit in the 150 General section. It would have been more relevant here in the GPS section as my main moan since owning a Prado was the locked down and out of date maps we are forced to endure.
      If you haven't read the thread it is here: