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Hema Explorer / 4WD Maps on an Ipad 2

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  • Hema Explorer / 4WD Maps on an Ipad 2

    Hi folks,

    Now that I've finally bought a Prado, I'm looking into offroad navigation systems. Already read many of the threads on the topic and am currently thinking to go with a Hema app.

    I still have an iPad 2 lying around which is pretty slow these days, especially for web surfing. Planning to make this a dedicated navigation tool in combination with a Hema app.

    Is anyone else using a current version of the Hema apps on an iPad 2? How is the performance? Is it painfully slow?

    I don't want to spend $40 or even $100 only to find out the app is too frustrating to use on an old tablet.

    Any first hand insights would be much appreciated.



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    See the posts about Avenza pdf maps, ipads etc.

    As a suggestion you could download the free Avenza pdf maps onto your ipad 2 (itunes store) and try it with one of the free 250k topo maps either direct from Avenza or download one for free from the Aust govt Geoscience site (see links in another post). If your ipad 2 won't handle that I doubt it could handle a full suite of HEMA maps.


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      I run the ExplorOz explorer app on my iPad mini 4 and it is great

      I have also loaded it on to my wife's old iPad 2 A1396. Model 32gb

      It works fine on the old iPad as well

      Make sure it is the gps model that takes a SIM card. No need for an active sim for the gps to operate. If yours won't take a sim them you will need an external gps unit for navigation.
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        Thanks for the suggestion, RedSea. I'll definitely give this a try before purchasing a Hema app.

        Reddevil, thanks for the reply. Good to hear it is working fine on an iPad 2. Back when I bought it I went all out, so it's the top model with 3G and 64gb. It does have the built-in GPS receiver.


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          I use to run Hema 4x4 and Hema explorer on an iPad3. It's ok for live navigation but if you want to zoom down on something or change from say a topo map to a satellite view or back again, it works but it's very slow. Currently run it on an iPhone6 and do trip plans on iPad Pro. Much better.


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            Hi guys,

            Thanks again for the responses.

            Just wanted to report that I recently bought the Hema Explorer App. I'm running it on my iPad 2 and on my iPhone 7.

            I agree with Drift's comment. The app is usable on the iPad 2, but trip planning, zooming etc. is a bit slow (albeit not too annoying). I tend to do trip planning on the iPhone even though the screen is smaller.

            I want to use the iPad just for navigation as it has the bigger screen and is easier to read while in motion. Currently looking into mounting options and will probably go with a RAM solution.

            Hope this information helps someone.