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Hema Maps downloded to 2015 Prado Sat Nav

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  • Hema Maps downloded to 2015 Prado Sat Nav

    Cannot find anywhere in forum but can Hema Maps be downloaded to 2015 Prado Sat Nav ? Or is there another option ?

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    Hi Doug, I will stand corrected but as far as I know this cannot be done on the factory unit.
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      Unfortunately nobody can correct you because you are absolutely right, nothing can be done to Fujitsu Ten head units fitted in 2015 apart from buying an expensive card from Toyota containing their out of date maps.
      I have moaned about this problem since buying my GXL and have been trying to find a way around it while keeping the original look. Only yesterday I had these emails back from a Chinese company that sells a video interface for Prados apart from of course the Australian market:

      Dear John,

      This model normally for the prado which made in middle east countries,
      and for your country: Australia, we never sold it before, thus we need to check more details.

      Could you make a photo for the front of your Headunit ?

      And because our video interface box connect with your head unit via PFC cable.
      thus, that also need to check the PFC connector on your player.
      thus only you open your Head unit,
      there is some PFC cable which connect between the monitor and the body of your player.
      thus, if you can, you can also make a photo for these cables, we check if it is ok for our video interface.

      Thanks & Best regards

      Paul Nong (marketing)

      I sent them pictures of the front, rear and ribbon cables connecting the screen but received this reply:

      Hi, John,

      Thanks for your efforts, I just send them to engineer, the engineer said this head unit come with a factory head unit, and our model could not work with it, the cables is different..really sorry for that.

      So back to square one, surely there must be a way to see our own software on the factory screen? I just cant understand how Toyota get away with this especially as it seems only in Australia. I can run up to date iGO or any other maps on a phone but cant display them on the screen as Toyota do not allow mirroring, no Android auto or the apple equivalent. (rant over again)


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        Have you considered running a separate unit like a android or wince unit .

        Before my aftermarket headunit i used to run a 7inch gps ebay job for under $100.

        I ran ozi explorer software from micro sd with all the maps also loaded on sd card.

        it worked extremely well plus its portable for other vehicles.

        I have a lot of maps (7GB WORTH) .......HEMA, NSW25K, NSW100K, WA, VIC50K.

        problem solved PM me if you need some help.
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          Originally posted by douga View Post
          Cannot find anywhere in forum but can Hema Maps be downloaded to 2015 Prado Sat Nav ? Or is there another option ?
          Have not heard of anyone succeeding. Try VMS or HEMA separate unit. Some info: