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10.4" tesla-style vertical screen android navigation radio

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    Thanks for the links, John. Those units are smaller than the one I got (same as the one at the top of this thread). I'll use whatever info is there but, as I'm currently holding my glasses to my head as they're busted, I'll read through them later.

    Originally posted by JohnLynn View Post
    I don't really understand what you mean by canbus option as I thought they would all need a canbus connector/converter, on mine this can be set to different vehicles.
    My bad. I meant to say the OBDII module. Got mixed up. Been a while since I went through all this.

    I bought the tyre pressure monitor as an extra, there were two types available and I choose the type that uses the sensors on the valve rather than have to remove each tyre. i suppose they could easily be stolen although not much use to anyone without a monitor unit themselves.
    I'd be interested in those if the work well. Can you add a couple more for a trailer?


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      My unit is called a 12.1" Tesla-style screen, although the screen size spec sometimes says 10.4"

      There's different ones for early or late model Prado 150's. I've got the earlier version. Also looking through what the XDA Developers are saying about them.

      Edit: And it looks like they've recently brought out bigger 16" versions (?)


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        Wow the 16" version looks huge, although I think this is better value for money:
        The link title says 2Gb but the description says 4Gb+32Gb 64 bit Android 8.0 with PX5 8-core processor as compared with the larger screen versions having only PX3
        Anyway I hope your installation goes without any problems and looking forward to reading what you think of the unit.


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          Originally posted by JohnLynn View Post
          The link title says 2Gb but the description says 4Gb+32Gb 64 bit Android 8.0 with PX5 8-core processor as compared with the larger screen versions having only PX3
          As you'd know, the distributors are hacking the units so they report higher specs but they may be behaving themselves now(?)

          Anyway I hope your installation goes without any problems and looking forward to reading what you think of the unit.
          Should be any day now :-)

          Edit: scheduled for sometime next week.


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            Im also interested to see how this works we have also experienced the passanger unable to input destinations while driving, ive been looking a a similar unit for the MY18 facelift 150, and im curious if the fuel economy app displayed in the current unit will still display on the centre panel of the dash,(without the main head unit) as well as the navigational directions, radio etc


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              I fitted one of these Android 12.1" screens onto my 200 Series. Reasonably happy with it, except for a few issues:

              1. The left temperature controls are actually controlling the temperature on the right side of the vehicle, and vice versa. Looks like it's not properly sorted out yet for right hand drive vehicles.
              2. The external temperature display only shows "-40 deg C" at all times. Clearly its not communicating to the correct sensor on the CAN bus.
              3. The inclinometer doesn't work at all

              Other than that, I'm reasonably happy with it.

              I've tried to go thru the various settings in the hidden menu but still haven't found the solution to issue #1. I don't really care about issues #2 & #3.

              Would be interested to know if issue #1 is also happening on the Prado version of these units.


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                The issue of left and right the wrong way round sounds similar to my 10 inch unit which showed the front doors opened reversed. It was a simple fix once I worked out where to do it but unfortunately I have forgot and am in the UK so not near my Prado to check for you. I think the units are designed to be used in left hand drive markets hence the problem with standard settings.
                I think that I did post what I did, probably in a thread called "new head unit" or similar, I will hunt for it when I get time unless you can find it first.


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                  Eventually got around to putting the screen in today but it had to wait until a six pad Couplertec and auxillary battery was installed.




                  So, by the time the other stuff was done there was little time for the screen. Everyone who saw it was very impressed. Just got it in temporary to see if there's issues and, yes, there are a few issues.
                  • The hole for the hazard light switch doesn't suit.
                  • The software for controlling the air conditioning is for a vehicle with climate control.
                  • The open door indication is reversed (easily fixed via wiring).
                  I'll try to get in touch with the manufacturers on Monday.

                  There's still a few options to connect -
                  • rear camera
                  • digital radio (or was it TV?)
                  • bluetooth TPMS (yet to be ordered)
                  The amplifier is definitely an improvement but there's still more room for better quality sound, IMO. I've got front & rear door speaker adaptors to suit aftermarket speakers, so I'll be looking for what's out there. Once it's all working properly, the omni-wiring-loom (to suit a lot of other vehicles) will be pulled apart and simplified.


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                    Are you having to fix the original hazard light switch, and is the problem that it wont fit in the hole or that the wiring isn't long enough? The door open indication should not need any wiring changes it is simple to reverse in the can bus menu. I will shortly be back in Australia so I will check what I had to change and let you know.
                    I bought the digital radio and tyre pressure monitor both work well as does a dash cam which fits in neatly front of the mirror.


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                      Hi, John.

                      Took most of the day getting in touch with the tech via their fav chat app (WeChat) and going through the motions. First password didn't get us in. The second one did. The first change of software in the long list didn't get the air con working. After much uploading of pics and a few quick videos sent to me, we got it going on the second choice of vehicle software.

                      I asked about mounting the hazard switch. I was sent this -

                      I suspect that's for a different model Prado? I know the GXL has a visual indicator above the hazard switch. Off to the wreckers?


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                        Just realised that picture is for the later model Prado 150. It should look like -


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                          I guess I'm off to the wreckers for a door indicator from a GXL to fill the hole -

                          Or another hazard switch? Re-label it for something else, maybe.


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                            They're telling me to do this to get the hazard switch installed -

                            Those switches are from a later model 150. Yes?


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                              Yes that looks like my late 2105 GXL from memory. I arrived back in the country today so tomorrow I will have a closer look when I de-winterise and get my Prado off it's axle stands and back on the road.
                              I notice that not only does the error message still appear when posting but despite all the posts that you have made your post count is stuck on 1 !!


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                                Thanks for that info, John.

                                My mate just wrapped the hazard switch in air con foam and zippy tied it to get it in. It looks a bit wonky and the colour doesn't match. I'll head to the wreckers sometime and get it fixed.

                                We bit the bullet last night and got the thing installed. Still need to put in a camera or two and whatever else. The digital radio works after finding an app (DAB-Z). The little magnetic antenna sits on the roof above the drivers' door but will be replaced and relocated at a later date.

                                Can't get the FM/AM radio to work. We plugged the vehicle antenna plug directly into the unit and tried a couple of sockets in the omni-wiring loom. Tried different region settings. No-go but no big deal.

                                There's two usb outlets available but I'm wondering if a USB hub will work. One outlet is for the digital radio box behind the dash and the other sits in the glove box with a memory stick plugged in. I've ordered a couple of flush mount USB sockets.

                                I'd rather get rid of the open door indicator entirely.

                                I'm looking forward to having a good play-around with it.