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Killer Samsung TAB E Navigation

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  • Killer Samsung TAB E Navigation

    I put together another GPS. I made a few different ones. This one is for the Prado, but I also have one on a rugged Tablet on the KLR. You can use any Android Tablet. I won this Galaxy TAB wining a photo and social media competition, so it was free

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    An excellent post, thanks for taking the time to make and post the video.
    I am glad to see that although you are obviously a mac fan that you still use android and other systems as well !
    If anyone has replaced the locked down modified windows CE standard Toyota supplied navigation with a cheap Chinese 10" screen android head unit they can do exactly the same.
    What a pity that Toyota don't supply the option of being able to use off road maps in a Prado.


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      I do have Mac stuff, but I use whats best for the job..

      Here is a demo