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120 series Grande stuck on linear distance

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  • 120 series Grande stuck on linear distance

    Hello all,

    I have a 2005 Prado Grande and the nav is stuck on linear distance. It shows me on the guided route but will not announce any waypoints apart from arriving at the destination. Will also not display the route distance or time to arrival. Linear distance only. It will show it when I first select the destination and display preference but as soon as I start driving it reverts to linear. Does accurately show the vehicle on the guided route. Does anyone know how to sort?

    Gratefull for any help.

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    Volume turned down on the sat nav voice? Settings?


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      Haha. Thanks but not that bad. It announces the journey start and finish as it should. From what Iíve read in the manual itís behaving as though Iím not on the guided route. My ex has the car these days and I think the battery has been flat. Radio stations were all reset and th compass wasnít working. Had to drive around in a circle to g