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    Originally posted by vf34 View Post

    Hey Prado_The_2nd, can you elaborate on the use of the TP Link BlueTooth Audio, does this connect to theUSB of the car audio or just to your tablet?
    Sorry - totally missed the question a year ago! Thanks BLW for responding on my behalf.
    Exactly as BLW said. The TP Link is plugged into the centre console USB (for power only) and the 3.5mm stereo socket next to it.
    The TP Link is connected to my tablet via Bluetooth, and I switch to AUX on the stereo to listen to it.
    Rock solid - connects every time.
    Prado_The_2nd now on my Third Prado (and 2 Landcruisers before that!)
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      While not relevant for earlier models Toyota now offer a "Scratch Card" for map updates.
      Cost is $130 incl. GST and is for 3 map updates, no time limit as far as I know. The scratch part refers to a code entered when updating which is revealed like a scatchie, if already scratched when handed to dealer then deemed to be used.
      Should be free but a lot better than it was before, I had my 10/2018 build updated from a 2017 map to the 2022 map. So far it the mapping has been correct but time will tell.


      Edit 10/1/2022 after travelling around SE Qld over the last month so far the mapping has been accurate and I have noticed it recalculates route much sooner and quicker than it previously did. By that I mean where before it would advise how to return to original route for some time where now it very quickly updates to the route I have chosen.
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