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  • Map micro sd card

    Hello crew. I'm chasing an sd card for the nav on my 150 gxl. Anyone with a 2015 or newer gxl, probably doesn't have to be a gxl, willing to reply with the model number on their map sd card so I can try track one down. Found a couple online but differing part numbers.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't understand why you would want one? surely you are not thinking of buying a new one at Toyota's extortionate price for an out of date map?


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      No I'm definitely not intending on lining Toyota coffers. I'm hoping to buy one off gumtree or ebay.

      I have read through the backlog, especially some of your posts JohnLynn and realise the nav is very substandard.

      Upgrading the head unit is not really on the table at the minute. Even if it was, I've had a look and what head units are available, its hard to work out the quality of end fitment. I will probably go down that path eventually but only if I can find something that looks factory when installed.

      For the moment though, I'm finding cards on ebay/gumtree for sub $100. Just need to make sure it's the correct card. Though it's starting to look like any number of part number cards will work


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        Hello all. For those that find this post some time down the track and require the numbers and dont find the help they are after.....

        86271-0E171 ~ 2921 AU/NZ
        86271-0E172 ~ 2922 AU/NZ
        86271-0E173 ~ 2923 AU/NZ
        86271-0E174 ~ 2924 AU/NZ
        86271-0E175 ~ 2925 AU/NZ

        Any of these numbers i have been told will work. I got sent 0E172, and as much as the nav is pretty average, for $90 it is usable and much better than a constant display of "Map SD Card missing"
        I purchased from ebay for $90, bargain i thought, compared to the $230 most sellers wanted. Cant imagine what toyota would have asked for it.
        Here is the link to where i purchased



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          Should work for me as well


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