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  • Netters 2018 Crystal Pearl GXL

    Picked up my new Prado to replace the 2014 FJ in June.

    Had the ARB Summit bar, air compressor and rated recovery point fitted before pick up. As well as darkest tinting, OEM tow bar, rubber floor and cargo matts.

    I've since added -
    Kaon light weight cargo barrier, $320 delivered and great alternative when space is at a premium and if you need to remove it quickly.
    Supertrim custom made neoprene seat covers for rear bench and Prestige Sheep Skin covers for the front two buckets.
    7" Supacentre driving lights, bit of head scratching with the new headlights so I ended up bypassing the high beams until I can figure out what I want to do long term, really happy with the product for what I need it for (not a lot of night driving).

    Waiting to fit -
    Safari Snorkel.
    Tracklander full length caged rack + spare wheel accessory & jerry can mounts.
    BF Goodrich KO2, bought at time of pick up, waiting for first proper trip to fit

    Wish list -
    Suspension ~ 50mm? Looking at Dobinson or Bilstein, would love recommendations, towing hard top camper trailer at most.
    Dual battery set up, didn't have one fitted to FJ, would appreciate any ideas?

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    Dobinsons and bilsteins are a really popular combination- John Zordo does good work with them in Brisbane and will ship. I've also seen on the facebook pages that the Dobinson MRR package is really popular on the newer cars.

    Dual battery wise redarc or Ctek is probably your friend there with a lot of people on here having one of the other. I don't really know a heck of a lot about electronics so someone else will be more qualified to comment than me there to be honest.

    You've got a nice looking rig there, interested to see where you go with it.


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      A friend of mine went with a Bilstein set up for his 200, mostly touring, nothing too dramatic and has no complaints, but heard nothing but issues from people who have gone with Old Man Emu.

      I haven't looked too much into it yet but am I right that the prado already has an inverter?


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        Have heard of numerous people on here (and a mate of mine with an 80 series) have trouble with ARB springs- They seem to sag a lot more than other brands with the result that your 2 inch lift soon turns into a 1inch lift. You're correct in saying the prado has an inverter; if you open your rear door and look to the right you'll see the cover marked 220V AC, underneath it is a power point. Not sure about the new prados but mine only has a 100W inverter- Not really suitable for running anything bigger than a laptop or phone charger, although I have run my 40L engle on it with no dramas before. I believe it's got some sort of circut breaker in it so that if you draw more than you should it'll just turn off for 5-10 minutes (although not certain of this).

        I've got Dobinsons and Billies and the combination works really well- They're not as soft as the factory springs on road and you will notice small bumps a little more, but they're fantastic offroad when you hit big stuff.


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          Hi Netters, would you be able to get another photo of how they mounted your compressor? Id like to do the same but thought the space was a bit tight.


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            Thereís a wiring harness for the spotties available from Toyota for the led headlights and the auto high beam.

            think itís around the $130 mark


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              Hey Scotta, it is very tight, I think there would have been a number of fittings that had to be removed for the install and then reinstalled.

              I fit the compressor myself in my FJ, but I had a lot of room. I asked ARB to install this one here because if I was to install it myself the only place I could do it was the second battery position.