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Graphite GRJ150R

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  • It really depends on the usage for me, how often, what's it doing blah blah.

    I have plenty of cheap shit that's surprised me/been perfect for my usage. I'm not a pro at anything lol


    • It finally arrived....


      • - Storage cubby installed.
        - GPS module for head unit installed.
        - Carplay on wifes phone tested, all good. No Vehicle speed sensor required for that on this model head unit.
        - As much as I like wireless Android Auto, because I am plugging my phone in to charge anyway, it now uses wired AA and it's clearly faster.
        - TuneIn radio works without any changes in AA so that's nice.
        - Spent only a few mins fluffing about with the Aerpro lead to see if I could get reverse image without needing that second screen plugged in, but I could not. It appears you need to bridge at least 2-3 pins and I was not willing to risk damaging the screen. I have wrapped it safely and secured it in behind the dash. A guy on Facebook told me it can be done and his auto elec did it for him though.

        The storage cubby is just a bit narrow and just a bit lacking in depth to fit an iPhone8 and a Galaxy S10 in it without any overlap and you wouldn't be able to close the door with charging cables connected unless they were on an angle. Bigger phones would struggle - still it gets the phone and cord up out of the way from where it was which I wanted.

        What next? Still musing about exhausts =\


        • Looks neat mate, well done.


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