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Interchangeable 3rd row seats J90?

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  • Interchangeable 3rd row seats J90?

    Hi! Thank you for allowing me in this very informative group!! I have just bought a 97 Prado in pretty decent condition, to replace my 99 Pajero Exceed since it's getting recalled... I knew nothing about these Toyotas and honestly I thought them a bit out of my budget. But I saw how quickly they were being snapped and I checked a couple, saw one at a good price... And now I'm very pleasantly surprised.
    Anyhow, I bought it of a young couple, who had bought it of a single lad, so no 3rd row seats... My question is, are these seats interchangeable between the second and 3rd generation prados? As in mounts, etc? I ask as I have seen a few but they come from different donors and look different...
    thank you!!!
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    I have a set of 3rd row seats for a 90 series you can have for free


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      If you want some pics of mounting of the 3rd row seats - I have them in my 2nd gen 2000 model - let me know.


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